2 Weeks Later..!

As always me and Manu were sitting at our adda and talking about his latest date with Neha…

Yes you guessed it right, he did say yes to the date and since then they have been regularly going out on dates and he is the happiest I have seen lately, even though it meant that our time together was cut short but it made me value him even more!

But today I noticed that Manu was nervous which he never is in front of me, something was up and I could feel it.. I wanted to ask him and pester the information out of him but knowing him I knew he would talk to me soon about it.

Manu finally said: I think it is time for you to meet her! Will you be okay with having dinner with us tomorrow?

He looked so nervous and sacred and absolutely cute I couldn’t help but laugh.. he was flabbergasted but after a beat he just laughed with me..😂

Oh! What the hell!!? Why am I even asking you? You are coming to the dinner I won’t take no for an answer he said.

And all I could do was laugh and nod!

That guy had it bad! He was smitten! He just wanted me to meet her so that I can give him my blessing and the mandatory bestfriend’s nod.

All though I was reassuring him that everything will be fine and that I already love her because she made him happy but I was afraid… what if I offend her in someway? What if she doesn’t understand our relationship and end up thinking that we are together just like others? What if she doesn’t like me and gives Manu an ultimatum either her or me!?

With those terrifying thoughts I was mentally preparing my self to be on the good side of Neha!

You see I can’t be away from my best friend.. it is like we come in a package deal it may sound unreal but we grew up together not in the literal sense but we healed ourselves by being with each other. I know that if he senses anything off between me and Neha, in a blink of eye he wouldn’t pursue the relationship even though it would hurt him and I didn’t want to be the one who ruins his chances at happiness.

It is okay if she doesn’t like me I hope she would understand that it would be more than enough if she just respects me and if we can have a polite conversation whenever we meet. I don’t want him to choose.

Next day in the evening when he came to pick me up for the dinner I saw a mischievous grin and glee on his face and his laughter was infectious! Something was up on his sleeve but I couldn’t put my finger on what..

I didn’t have to wait too long to find out what it was and when I saw what he had done all I wanted to do was kill him right then and there and leave… but tonight was about Manu and Neha so I controlled myself and went with it..

The surprise was it wasn’t just we 3 for dinner as I expected..

They decided to set a blind date for me in the pretext of DOUBLE DATE..




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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