Times are crazy! We all know that and we all feel that!

It is tiring, frustrating, irritating and what not! I think saying that this is crazy is an understatement they are messed up.

And because it is messed up I am messed up.

Torn between my logical brain and an emotional heart.

And it has lead to this write up and a fascinating conversation has struck between Miss Brains and Miss Heart.

Let’s see how they are holding up.

Miss Brains: And that is how you nail the coffin. We are stuck here forever now! Gosh why why didn’t this stupid lady whom I am unfortunately a part of didn’t catch the flight back home!? Why!? Fucking fantastic!?

Miss Heart: oh boy! Easy there! You are literally shaking up the whole system! I can’t handle it! Stop screaming for God sake! It isn’t her fault stop blaming her.. she tired didn’t she!

Miss B: oh well did she now!? Don’t we all know how well that turned out!? And she thinks she can just convince people.. what does she think of herself??

she can’t even talk with her family!

Why does she expect them to understand when she knows she need to fight for it and reason it out !

Miss H: yeah right! Aren’t you also responsible for what she did! Who the hell asked you to activate her anger and give her the grand idea of being stubborn!? You won’t see that will you! You had chance too you know just to bloody calm down did you do that!?

Miss B: Oh! Now I am to blame! Fucking fantastic! You are also responsible for it! Who the heck asked you to manipulate her emotionally by telling her that they just want what is best for you haa…

All you do is make her more emotionally vulnerable and I can’t believe she falls for it too… you are the one who said maybe she will get another chance! Or maybe this time around of she will listen to you she would do the right thing! But guess what! Suprise suprise! You royal screwed it up!

Miss H: oh wow! You know what I am done talking to you!

What the heck do you think about yourself? She listened to you too you know! Look where we landed up every time she listened to you! You don’t fucking care about the aftermath! Ultimately who suffers!? All of us! So just fucking shut up and let her be! Leave her alone please! Can’t you see she is already miserable.

Miss B: but!??? What about us now! What do we do!?

Miss H: you know this conflict between us isn’t helping her either nor is our blame game.

Miss B: I know… I am sorry!

Miss H: I am sorry too.. let’s just breathe and just let it pass..

None of us are responsible for anything that is happening!

Do you want to help her!?

Miss B: yes I do! What do we do!? Should I give her old memories of her home!! Oh wait wait I will show her the images of her moonlit room her books and and you can start playing her favourite songs.. she always loved it when we do that!

Miss H: oh wow! no wonder you are called stupid!

You moron! Giving her all that is only going make it worse! Remind her that she is strong, remind her that she isn’t wrong for what she did.. she is logical too you know… she she understands the situations remind her of what she is doing and why she is doing it.. and please open your windows for her!

Her friends are trying to cheer her up! Let them do their magic!

And I will do the same!

She is just feeling lonely in the crowd and she knows she isn’t alone but let her feel please we both know what happens when you ask her to bottle up her emotions. Ask her to let it flow..

It will hopefully do us good.

Please don’t screw it up! Please…

Miss B: Fine! I don’t agree with you but for this once I will ask her to listen to you. All though I am going to give this bitch a good piece of reality check but sure!

We are a team aren’t we! And team stick together no matter what!

So yeah I will do what you asked me to do! Just this once!

Miss H: yeah right! Just this once huh! Who are we kidding! Hahaha..! Anyway you are right about one thing we are a team.

Let’s roll!

And just like this…

The saga continues…

The constant battle of Brain and Heart!

As they said they are a team.




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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