Amitié précieuse

Akhila Nair
3 min readDec 6, 2020


3- more weeks to go, and then 2020 will be done and dusted, and for me, it feels like a personal win to have survived this year the way I have.

This year is extra special for me for various reasons, and listing them would be a really stupid thing to do so, let’s skip that part, and we will move on to mention some amazing souls that I got to know this year, and again if you are reading this, you already know who you are.

Let’s start with you Baba, you are the best thing happened to me in the last 2 years and I have no idea how to thank you for coming all the way to meet me even though it was just for minutes and to the other conspirator, you have my heart for arranging it. Even though we know how it turned out to be :P but still, you guys made my year! God and I equally know how much I missed you guys! I love you 30000….. ❤

Dear Miss Doc, baby girl, it is such a pleasure for me to see the woman you are blossoming into… Beautiful, strong, loving, compassionate, and lord what not… The only thing I want to tell you is it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to stumble… but remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and we are there to hold your hands and guide you through… ❤

Ace, It is so freaking crazy how we work but trust me we work just perfectly! I am thankful to have met an amazing guy like you. Be the confused creature that you are and never let anyone steal your zest for life and the love you have for people you care about! ❤

D!!! Gosh! Let me start with congratulations!!!!!!! I am so so so happy for you and I think we would only be a handful of people who would be happy about having the molaga bajji for the first date! :P I have no idea how can two people have the kind of conversations we have and I don’t even want to get an idea about it! Thank you for educating me on music, books, and especially life. ❤

Chettayi! for all the amazing conversations on movies and many more nights of sharing songs on Spotify and having random conversations about them, for all the series and movie recommendations, and to many more things that will come our way.❤

To my chakkaras… Nandu and Appu my go-to people.. the kind that I would trust with my life, and I know they will be the first to laugh at me when I fall off a stupid chair but also will be the first one’s to fight and defend me, you guys know how much you mean to me, and I miss you so much! ❤

To MASCOMIANS, thank you for all the amazing memories we have… It still feels incomplete thanks to the pandemic but soon very soon we will make plans for a reunion! ❤

Last but not the least you Mister theepattikolli! The latest addition in my life and to the list of long-lasting friends. I have no idea that how we clicked and why we clicked but here we are from watching movies together to sharing the playlist, to making plans to go on a trip, and pestering me to do things to help me in hatching plans to kill :P Thank you for existing! ❤

And a lot more! This is a never-ending list! I have been fortunate to have met an amazing bunch of people at my workplace, and I cannot be more thankful to have those loons!

This post would be incomplete if I do not thank the people who are reading this! Guys, I don’t think I would have ever posted 11 of my writing on a public platform if not for you. Thank you for taking out your time and reading this, and thank you for making my year extra special.