An open letter in the hope to find an answer.

Akhila Nair
2 min readMar 9, 2021


To feel or not to feel…


Sometimes I wonder if only someone could find a cure for heart-break... Think about it would help us save a lot of our energy, time, emotions, and what not… how can we forget the tears' oh lord!

The heart-break can be years old, but it only takes one picture, one quote, one song, or maybe that one object that reminds you of that person, and everything comes flooding back… the pain, the tears, the anxiety, the anger, the hate, and the love, every being of yourself is reminded of the loss you went through like it happened right then and there, right at that second.

Try with all your might to forget that one dreadful day but na... It might be the apocalypse, but you would never forget a single second of the day you decided or someone decided to walk out of your life... Rest I guess you already know.

Do not kill me for this I am in no way responsible for what you are feeling :P

I mean I honestly do not know what should I write next, should I tell you that it will get easier with time, it doesn't should I tell you that with time it heals, it doesn't however, it gets easier to control them, from a heartache it becomes a dull ache, from pulling it becomes a weak string, it fades but never ever does it leave you completely.

Now do not get me wrong, there are people who love this feeling, some dread this, some may move on, some like me are stuck in that eternal loop of not knowing how to process the freaking feeling.

What do you do? Do you cry? Do you shout? Do you hit something or someone for that matter? Or like me do you feel everything at once? Someone anyone reading this, Can you please give me a remedy that can help me get through this crazy?

Being a writer I have this magical ability to turn this piece into an open letter or a plea letter. It is that easy, but heartache is not. Tomorrow I will wake up and love math like it is English, or I can be a freaking magician, but for the love of God, I can't find a cure for heartache.

Now that we are on this topic, why do I feel guilty for liking another man, even though I am not in any kind of relationship yet, yet I feel guilty for liking a guy or even have a crush on him?

Love isn't supposed to be complicated, is it? Or is it just for me? Am I the only one who has listed the triggers of not moving on or have I moved on?

Still confused,

Still do not know what to do,

Still feeling guilty,

Still with no answers,

Yours very truly