Akhila Nair
2 min readDec 8, 2021


(n) The reason for being; That one thing that gets you up in the morning!

Separation anxiety is very very real. No, I am not a psychologist to give an exact verbatim of what does this term means, but all I can say is that is very very true.

I have no idea how many of you will relate this with me, but have you ever felt that you meet the best of people as you are about to leave that place? Like you have created your own bubble-wrapped world where you know no matter what happens in the entire day, you have a bunch of idiots who will help you get through it. Someone rightly said that friendships are not made but forged, and I think workplace friendships have a higher priority in your life. ( no offense to anyone) :P

Coming back to the point, I think you might have got an idea why am I talking about a heavy term like separation anxiety? if not let me tell you, in about a month I am leaving behind some amazing coworkers who have indeed become a habit. But, then again life happens you move on.

Ironically I am listening to ‘Lost Stories’ while I am writing this which is not intentional!

Now for the readers thinking why am I writing this today instead of writing it a month later? Good question, but I think I have an epic answer for it. Whatever I feel today I am going to let myself feel it today, I do not want to carry this feeling until my last day, because I have exactly 30 days to create amazing memories and plans with these people, and I for sure know that these idiots are going to be there for me on the days I need them. I do not want to sulk every day from now on thinking about my last day, I want to come here every day with wanting and craving for a new adventure. ( Those who know they know) :P

PS: Did you guys notice, how I carefully distracted you guys from the main topic? :P