That night when I reached home I was happy , I was happy for my best friend , I was happy that he found the courage to love again given our past relationships, finding love was just like any other suicide mission and here he was the hopeless romantic…! Damn him..!! For making take a trip down the memory lane that I never wanted to visit again…

But then again sometimes thinking of those memories help me to re-evaluate everything in my life and never take a single person or a situation granted…

Cursing him again and trying to finish the work I had taken home with me that night I kept wondering about how happy he was just talking about her and how much I had missed seeing his smile that actually reached his eyes, his special smile which was always reserved for me was now being shared for Neha….

But I was afraid for him too, he had taken a leap of faith a risk which is what I always wanted him to do.. take a risk and now when he is taking risk why was I feeling nervous for him!? How would he handle the rejection!

Risk.. was it worth taking it for her or for that matter a relationship?

But then again we aren’t damaged beyond repair? Am I? Jesus! That was a very scary thought!

Somehow that night I kept thinking about taking a leap of faith for myself too.. this this feeling that if he can take a risk without a fear why can’t I? Well relationship was still a big bold caps NO for me, but I could finally think of my long lost dream of starting a dance studio…

Dance! It wasn’t just a form of art for me it was me expressing myself without a barrier! When I had told my parents about being a dancer and wanted to start my own dance studio as always I was met with a hostility! And was told that it wasn’t a career option! Eventually I buried the my dream… and was I happy with that! Oh boy! No!

That night I decided that it was high time and that I had kept my dream in the back burner for too long now..! I decided to finally follow my dream!

With a clear mind and a happy heart I texted Manu “ Thank you Baba! I love you🖤 and we need to talk about something important tomorrow.. and oh! All the best love! Sweep her off her feet.. 😜

Good night”

Next morning when I woke up and saw that I had one message from Manu.. I couldn’t believe my eyes..! I could just imagine the shock, horror, surprise and every other emotion humanly possible on that idiot’s face!

It was a text from Neha that he had send me a screenshot of!

Hi Manav! I hope you don’t mind me texting you this late and I also hope that you certainly don’t mind me asking this.. it is going to be very awkward if you say No…

Anyway before I chicken out ! I just wanted to ask you..

Would you come out for a coffee with me….?

Hahahaha!!! I laughed my heart out! Boy he was in a big trouble! A trouble he was going to love…!




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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