Love at first gawk!

Hello there!

It has been some time now, and a lot has changed a lot!

Medium has got a totally badass makeover.

The world is seeing a war. People are going more bonkers than they were already and our country is coloring itself orange (you know if you know)EV is the next best thing that has happened in the world until electricity does start to burn our pockets which is a possibility that too is not that far-fetched.

And I think that is what the lyrics of Breathless would have looked like!

I legit ignored this space for so long why if you ask me I have no clue but somehow it felt necessary to just not look at my writing for some time.

Did I suffer because of it I don’t know that yet, but, today I feel ready and here I am feeling like a first-time writer! feeling the same rush of words surging through me but pausing every other second to check and recheck my sentences or grammar (read it however you want to spell it!)

But but but! I am refreshed and recharged and back in action! Hopefully, this does not turn into those new year resolutions :P

The past few months have been literally life-altering! You won’t believe it if I tell you that I found myself in the lost and found department of the cobwebbed occipital.

There I was anxious and waiting to be found by me and only me. Sounds dramatic? Well, it is not as dramatic as Nitya’s epic love story that lasted wait for it.. for an entire hour! Yup!

Let me introduce Nitya to you.

Nitya! is totally opinionated and utterly judgemental woman who likes to binge-watch Suits and thinks she is a carbon copy of Jessica Pearson.

( Go Figure)

Because for starters she is an aspiring lawyer and thinks that American political dramas give her a better perspective of Law and Order.

Aside from all these personality traits, she is an excellent coffee connoisseur and an avid reader.

This is her story! of how she met an absolutely handsome stranger at her favorite coffee shop and totally forgot to ask his NAME! ( who does that!!)

Every Sunday Nitya visits her second home the Treehouse Cafe and orders her pot of black coffee and enjoys reading her book.

But this Sunday universe had different plans for her!

Nitya was enjoying her book and was reading about another entitled character Mr. Darcy and his introduction written by Jane Austen and that is when she hears the most sexist and huskiest laugh she has ever heard! Put your book down and gawk kinda laugh!

There, at the entrance was the most handsome man she had ever laid her eyes on! it was as if God himself sculpted this human!

Boy! oh boy! he had jaw-droppingly beautiful eyes that screamed for attention!

And no awards for guessing they had successfully maintained eye contact for an entire minute!

Not because he was interested in her, but because she was literally gawking at him!

As if the universe was not done making a joke of her!

He decided to occupy the table opposite hers, putting him in her line of sight.

I think the universe was having a field day with her.

She was controlling her urge to walk up to that Greek God and have a conversation, but somehow she did not have enough courage to do that, no amount of American shows could prepare her for today!

She was blushing to the extent that her cheeks were burning at that point.

And then it happened!!!

Naaah! not telling you anymore today! why should you have all the fun!

I guess I have written enough for today!




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