Love at first gawk-II

Akhila Nair
3 min readApr 24, 2022


Hey fellas! what’s up!

Eager to know what happened next with Nitya!? Well, I don’t want to sound dramatic but (drum rolls) here is part 2!

( If you haven’t read the part-I what are you even doing! Go)

You guys know how judgmental women can be right I mean, from the moment you are on their radar they start sizing you up from head to toe and god forbid they hear you have a conversation! uff! Do I go on or are you getting a perfect picture about it?! I guess you are!

So anyway our darling Nitya is too stunned to even think! she can feel the fire igniting and spreading like a freaking wildfire and also, do I remind you that she is an aspiring lawyer which makes it more difficult for her to be this silent.

On the other hand!

The Greek God is trying his best to ignore her!

Then he gives into her stares and walks up to her, sits on the chair opposite her table that leaves Nitya shocked!

So she was half expecting him to ask her why she is looking at him the way she was, right I mean, that is what you expect right?

Instead, he surprised her and asked her about how the coffee tasted! I mean wow! this is very debatable.

I mean, is that even a pick-up line?

Now that could have been a very interesting pick-up line or an amazing opening statement if only he had asked her if the coffee is worth the hype or are the ratings on Google worth it? Right?

But our girl! Man! If she had to remember her dumbest moment, I think this would definitely top the charts!

She was so mesmerized by the Greek God sitting in front of her so much so, that instead of coming up with a very witty or a sarcastic comment she ended up nodding!

And his smile did not make it any easier for her… He had the most amazing and sculpted smile she had ever seen and that is when she noticed that he had a scuffed beard and drooling jawline!

(to my fellow female audience, you know if you know! :P)

But then that happened! Something that should not have happened! at least not in front of her…

Nitya was flabbergasted, it was an earth-shattering realization, or if I have to go a bit further, it was an eye-opener! She saw her felt like Jill who was trembling down the hill because you see no matter how judgmental she was… For that fleeting hour, she had planned her entire life around him and probably or maybe even a several steps further!

See we need to understand that although Nitya was unapologetically judgemental she always had a reason that she believed was good enough for her to make a judgment on the person, situation, or vice versa.

What he did was something she cannot forgive and something that she will never support!

See the Greek Guy or the Jerk like she named him later disrespected the garçon. This is unforgivable for Nitya…

She has visited the cafe enough times to know the names of all the people who have ever served her or made her feel comfortable and she also understands that it is not something everyone can relate to because either they may be a first time visitor or not a frequent flyer but never ever has she seen anyone disrespecting them. They can be ignored, but never disrespected.

He had the audacity to talk to as if he owned the place.

He wanted a different blend of coffee which was not available at the moment, but he spoke to her in a rude manner as if he owned the place! Now that is not something that can be unseen.

Do I really need to tell you what would have happened next!

Naa! I will leave it open-ended! Go wild and crazy!

And you guys know where to find me!

Let me know what you think she might have done!




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