It is said that all it takes is a song, a place, a object, a person or a reason to bring back Memories.

And we are so compartmentalising people that we have various categories of it mainly

  • The greatest.
  • The best.
  • The good .
  • The okayish .
  • The “hmm..okay”.
  • The bad.
  • The worst.
  • The worst of all

And at the end of the day these memories are what has shaped us I believe so, in my opinion.

For me my kushi ka pitara is this one beautiful human I met when I was six years old and she was 7 and since then we never looked back again, until today!

Talking to her made me realise that we grew up too fast and in too different way which has given us too many beautiful memories and experiences that we will always cherish. She is the only other human I know who would say that for us i.e for me and her, life is our biggest teacher because it gives us different perspectives.

I don’t remember having a “bad memory” with her.. it was always laughter and happiness that she could bring on my face!

I haven’t yet met someone who is this positive, this happy and this caring atleast for me. You could say that I am her kid. And she graciously let’s this kid fly to any heights but knows that she will always come back to her.

Oh mistake not! She is as fierce to the people who have hurt her people, you will find her arrogant, egoistic and in very plain simple terms a bitch! I think somewhere I am also one of the reason why she behaves like one but still she is 🤪

We have always lived our lives in our own terms. And she taught me that! She taught me the true meaning of friendship isn’t that you have to be available whenever you need them but that when you are the lowest they will be their to hold your hands and sit there with you.

Friendship is about respecting space but also knocking you unconscious when you do something stupid.

Friendship is about the wonderful memories that you create. Friendship is about helping each other grow, to let them make their own decisions and be there instead of saying 'I told you so..’

We have seen ourselves grow. We have seen people walk-in and out of our lives, we have turned the chapters of the book called life and here we are at brink of yet another chapter..

Still strong still young and still us!

Writing this is like sharing a very very secret part of us but if I don’t write this now I don’t think I ever will..

Growing up we were there for each other always… I knew no matter how many people will leave she will be their for me and hopefully she knows that too… we have seen each other grow to this extend that we have learned about life…Wait who am I kidding learning about life together…

Reason why I am sharing this right now?

We had a very interesting conversation today! Talking about our childhood and to bitching about how men say that women are impossible to figure out but so are men too..!? You never know how the behave what why and when..??? and ending at Love and how it has multiple meanings and ways.

Funny isn’t that even this conversation is becoming a memory as I write it! Something we will remember the next time we talk..

So this memory is dedicated to you my love! I love you and we know how much these words matter to us.












PS: I am still an elite member of your house🤪🤪🤪




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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