Random Shenanigans

There is something I realized this year, and that is that life has its course no matter what happens. It doesn’t care whether you are locked in your room or your home, and it doesn’t, matter if you are with your family, friends, or alone, and if it has to take a turn, it will take that damn U-turn.

This theory is being proved by none other than my best friend. My best friend has decided that she won’t be single anymore… no she isn’t in a relationship as many would guess, but she decided to take it to the next level, and again no, that is not what you guys think… She has decided to get married! and guess who is more excited for it more than the bride-to-be, yours truly. I kid you guys not, since I heard this news all my brain does is plans on how we could as in I and our friends could make her wedding wonderful and memorable.

And you might be wondering what’s happening in my life?

And who am I? Some of you might know me already and if not then…

Hello you guys! I am Sanskriti, and what do I do for living well, that is a mystery to me too… I do lots of things but mainly I love writing or I claim to love writing, I am a music junkie and that is all about it and another thing you guys should know is that after a long year and a half of living alone in a different state I am back at my home with my parents and trust me the transition is drastic literally, and some of you I guess would know how that feels by now or if not well you will get to know soon I hope! don’t roll your eyes I mean why should I have all the fun… ;)

I believe the great monster (let’s just stick to the nickname) Pandemic was introduced to the human race to give us a tight slap on our faces to make us realize that there isn’t a thing called free lunch even when we bribe Gods.

No matter which religion you follow, you better play by the rules Mama Earth has set for you otherwise look at what happened. But also at the same time, it made us at least I can talk for myself gave a much-needed gift, something we always wanted that was to get a pause in the chalti ka naam gadi phase.

I got the pause I need in my life, to just look at myself and think what the heck I have been doing for a very very very long time, a breather that made me feel lonely, happy, angry, irritated, you name it and we went through it. And that is when I realized that no matter where you are at, any corner of the world you circle back to your loved ones, you crave their presence. Roots! They are bloody strong pal… they do pull you back to give you another reality check, even though you know you can’t stay with them for more than a week or more before either they kick you out or, you walk out, but you need those days to get back on your feet and being self that you are.

And wondering why suddenly am I writing all these things!? well, I don’t know they are very random thoughts, and I just wanted to put it out there…

No, the last part isn’t true.. I am writing this because I haven’t written in long, and I just wanted to post something and what better than random things because why not!

Thank you guys for reading this! I appreciate you taking your time and reading this, and now with your permission, I will get back to my binge-watching session of murder mystery and true crime! Don’t judge!!!!




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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