Recipe to make a Villain!

NOTE: You don't have to follow the steps given here, you can improvise or maybe just ask people to spread rumors about you!

You know I read a quote somewhere.. okay that is a lie I found it online that said “Painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.”

Hey guys, been long ha! I hope you guys are doing great for yourself and are taking care of your mental health.

And I am back with another write up also I just wanted to blurt things out so that either it helps me with processing the information that I have or makes me start feeling the hurt and the pain that should come with it. I have been numb for the past few days, months maybe but hey! who is counting!

Have you guys ever felt that you have everything you want and yet you have nothing? I have not felt that but maybe that is what I should feel. Or maybe you have seen all the things you have or maybe something that you may not even think about in your nightmare happening right in front of your eyes and you are helpless and cannot do anything to avert it or stop it?

Let me tell you lit, tried, and tested recipe of How to make yourself a villain. Wrap all the above-mentioned scenarios and marinate it with your childhood trauma. In a pan add the hateful words you have heard with lots of other pieces and trust issues to the level max, and there you have it! A perfect dish for a person who is conscious and anxious about all the relationships in their life, or even better for a person who is actually in the healing process. Et Viola! here you have it!

I was trying to heal from a lot of things and figure out a way to live my life the way I wanted and let’s say I was somewhat successful in doing the same, but naa! life had different plans for and me being me like water, flowing the path that m life showed me, I went with it, that is when I realized that why boundaries are very important.

People tend to pollute you with all sorts of things that one can imagine and you being, just decide to dump everything in this one particular place so that even though you are polluted you know that when you come back this is the place that will make you feel a little lighter and less polluted. This goes on years and then suddenly one day you realize that the place, your safe place was actually spilling it back into you, but in a different way how should one feel about it?

Life is funny that way, you become everything negative because you will only be recognized for the bad that you do or did and worst of all is you the person that you are, is nothing like it. You become a villain without even trying. You are painted as the worst of all, the one that should be avoided at all costs, and even the sight of them is a guaranteed bad day.

Now I understand why am I attracted to the villain fictional characters. They did not happen in a day their circumstances and people around them made them what they are.

Life is one huge surprise! But what surprises me the most is people who turn their back on you and yet get away with even being confronted.



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