She is Magic!

This is for my Best friend also as apart of maskafying😜

*the names are changed and fictional elements have been added*

For you Baba!❤️

“ She leaves a sparkle where she goes..” there he said it , my idiotic bestfriend and I can see in his eyes he has already fallen in love hopelessly.

Maanav is and always will be the gem I found in the mine of fake people and fake profiles across the dating website. Funny how relationships are formed! I mean who would have thought when I opened an account on a dating website that the I first guy I would meet will end up being my best friend.

Now sipping our cup of chai at our “adda” where we have spend endless evenings talking about everything under the sky and making our friends speculate that we finally found love within each other, little did they know that our relationship was beyond the “relationship” they had in mind for us.

Manu now with puppy dog eyes shooting hearts glares at me is talking about this wonderful woman he met at his work place Neha. According to Manu, she works in the HR department and they have recently decided to occupy the other half of 5th floor where he is leading a project. It was love at sight for him.. hahaha! And he says he could hear his heart racing and ringing in his ears and claiming proudly that never has any woman made him feel the way she did.

Then and there I realise that finally he has found the power to love again, slightly overwhelming me with a fear of losing him when and if she decides he wasn’t the one for her but at the same time seeing him this happy and full of hope I decided to be the wing woman I am supposed to be cheering and giving him courage to what his heart says. He dropped me off at the gate of my apartment building with a promise to ask Neha out the very next day and tell me all about how it went and with a warning that if I didn’t attend his call when he was having his nervous breakdown he would kill me..😂

Well world is definitely a great place with bestfriend’s like… thanking God again to have made us the best of friends we decided to end the night..

Little did we know that our lives were about to take a 360 degree change..




Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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