Manu! That arse was going to pay for what he did tonight and looking at my scandalous face he had the audacity to laugh!!!

See, it is not that my friends haven’t tried to set me up on blind dates but it is just that I never felt comfortable with those dates and Manu knew it very well and still he did it.. I so wanted to kill him with my 3 inch heels and just kick was enough for that a**hole to cry like a baby…I was so angry.. but then I reminded myself that today was about him and Neha.. trying to calm myself down I asked Manu who the mystery guy was and to give me basic details about him so that atleast I can try my best not to be uncomfortable around him.

Manu: oh my god! You should totally see your face right now😂😂

Me: We shall talk about this later Manu! Tell me about him now!

Manu: Jesus! Calm down will you!

That’s Karthik, the one I was telling you about the other day , he just joined our company 2 weeks ago remember him?

Me: Oh! This is the “Karthik” oh yeah!! I remember him! Isn’t he the same guy you told me that you have started “liking” 😂 Ofcourse I remember your man crush! 😂

It was now his turn to be shocked! And I laughed at his face so loud that I had caught the attention of our friends waiting for us!

And then the formal introductions were made and we all settled in for the night…

Two things happened that night..

  • Neha and I bonded with each other like gel! That woman was absolute joy to be around..

And second!

  • I changed my perspective about blind dates! They are absolutely amazing when you are being set up by your best friend..😜