The Final Chapter

We all have that one person in our lives who can make you smile even on a worst day possible with just a text or a random call right? That was Neha for Sanskriti..

You guys remember Neha right? Manu’s girlfriend..? Ah! Yes the same! The one who is solely responsible for bringing love and happiness in oh so boring life of two best friends..!

One such call from Neha was what Sanskrit needed today! Just her name flashing on her phone screen was enough to make Sanskrit smile and the call was to inform Sanskrit that tonight they would be having dinner together.

Manu and Neha by now have started to live in together, a decision which felt like a natural progression in their relationship.

They called themselves the “Fantastic Four” wondering who the fourth is? None other than Karthik.

In just few months they had made their own world of fun and happiness.

These random dinner plans and weekend outings was not new for them and with the kind of the day Sanskriti was having it was just what she needed. Her gang!

And boy could that woman cook! But today there was an extra excitement in Neha’s voice something was surly going on with her.. anyway no point in thinking she would just find out in the evening all Sanskriti now wanted was to just get done with her day.

In a tastefully decorated living room laughter rang through the house with soft music in the background and the air that carried the wafting smell of delicious food being prepared in the kitchen and a very nervous Neha.

Karthik was the first to voice his concern about Neha he said that she has been behaving a bit odd today only to know that even the others felt the same.

Manu: I swear I didn’t do anything this time! Don’t look at me like that Baba! I didn’t do anything! She has been behaving like this since last night! I tried talking to her but she said she would talk about it when she wants too…!

Karthik: Manu! If she says that she is behaving like this because of you trust me pal I am coming after you!

Sanskriti: okay! Enough with the threats! Boy! Grow up! Everything cannot be sorted out with fists! Forget it why am I even wasting my breath on you guys! I will try to charm some information out of her!

Sanskriti: okay! Neha! Out with it!? Something is surly going on in the pretty head of yours and I seriously don’t want injure you to find it out..!

Neha: Why don’t you set the table so that we can have our dinner! Ssshh! I do want to tell you guys something but I want to say it of all three of you.. patience woman!

Dinner was delicious but the vibe was now getting a bit tensed.. anxious stares were passed and it was weird.

Neha: okay! Stop acting weird! You know I can literally see you three stealing stares.

Manu: baby! Please what it is? Is it.. is it something I did!? I swear I won’t do it again! What ever it takes! I am so sorry baby!!

Neha: Well! It is something that you did… but I don’t want you to stop doing it..

And she had this smug smile on her face! And then she said something that left us with mixed emotions..

Neha: Manu! You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. It was wonderful before you but with you it is just perfect. I never thought that someone could make me feel this happy and content and complete…

Until yesterday… I don’t know how you are going to react to what I am about to tell you and hence I wanted our closest friends here..

Manu: Baby! Are you breaking up with me!??

Trust Manu to spoil the moment!

Neha: no you silly !! Why would I do that! All I am saying is there is someone that I have fallen deeper in love with and I want you to accept that person in our lives..

Sanskriti looking at Karthik

And you said I was mysterious! Neha! Of love of God please.. what are you talking about…..

Sanskriti just stared at Neha flabbergasted!

Sanskriti: oh boy! Oh boy!! Really…? Holy Mother of God…!

Neha: Yes!

She said with happy tears!

Karthik: Oh For God Sake! Why can’t you women just say it out loud! Why do you have to beat around the bush!

Neha: Hahah! Men!

She stood up and sat on Manu’s lap holding his face in her hands looking straight into his eyes she said…

Neha: We are pregnant… we are having a baby…

Manu was speechless, he couldn’t find words to say.. and he held Neha tight and cried the happy tears…

Manu: we are having a baby!!!

Baba we are having a baby!!! I am.. I am going to be a father!

Life… it came to a full circle for him… a woman that he loves more than his life, a job that he wanted, friends who had become his family and now a family of his own…

Could it more beautiful than it is for him…!

Some stories are never-ending… in the same way some stories are better left unsaid… we all love happy endings.. let this be that perfect happy ending for this story!

A note to my best friend:

Baba.. I hope I did justice to you! The series was made for you and dedicated for you. Thank you for coming in to my life and being that person who can lit my entire universe with your uncanny ability of being stupid 😂

Thank you for accepting me into your family!

Thank you for being you and choosing me as your best friend and trusting me with your life even when you know I will laugh first and then give you a hand when you fall.. thank you for giving me courage to start writing again.

What would I do without you!?

Well I hope I would never have to find out about it…!







Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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Akhila Nair

Akhila Nair

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!

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