The New Guy!!

Some people have this uncanny ability to just be the most important part of your life! I mean I have to say it should be declared as a skill… someone has said this with experience, I think when they said your friends can be stranger and a stranger your best friend in just matter of seconds!

And that is particularly true for Karthik… that guy is amazing actually amazing would be an understatement for him. As the evening progressed I could see why Manu had man crush on him😂.

After the initial awkwardness we started having really good conversations and gradually it didn’t even feel like it was we were meeting for the first time but obviously the stars of the night was the beautiful couple.

My God! Neha! She was more beautiful than Manu had described her to be and I don’t blame him for that because she was beautiful beyond words..

I have always heard that small gestures matter and that night I knew that it was true..

The way she looked at him, the way she made him happy , the shy glances that passed between them made me want to weep with happinesses she was all he could ever ask for and who was I to judge them… All this while Manu tried his best to make me and Karthik very comfortable with each other and I would say he was successful.

I don’t know how Karthik pulled it off so smoothly because by the time we said our goodbyes he had my number and we had agreed for a second/first date!

Later that night when Manu and I were alone on the terrace of my flat stargazing and boy there were happy tears and it did feel like we had finally crossed the bridge towards a new beginning…

And dare I say they lived happily ever after…??

Naah..! But all I can say is everyone gets a chance to have their own fairytale romance but it is just that either we are too blind to see what is there in front of us or too consumed to be “perfect” .

Manu and Neha got their fairytale romance and So did Karthik and Sanskriti.

Confused with the new name?

Well I never introduced myself did I..

I am Sanskriti and Manu is my best friend and Karthik…

Well that’s another mystery for you!! 😜

Author’s Note

Thank you for having the patience to read my blog and encouraging me to finish what I started.

A special thanks to my cheerleader friend ( read someone really special) and my best friends for being there for me always.

Thank you again!

Yours truly!