(n.) the joyful anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures

If I was ever given a chance to time travel I would like to change the date, actually, scratch that the year itself back to 2019 want to ask why? Well, of course, who am I kidding we all want the same year!

Yup! We are back to the quarantine days with an expectation for many of us have because we have got work to do and also that I am practically chained to my laptop!

Long gone are the days when I would sit idly gazing towards what I and my colleagues would our own slice of Manhattan” view from our cubical singingSham’ from Aisha one of our many jamming sessions with another most important beverage of our choice ‘coffee.’ I miss drinking the oh-to-sweet for our own good coffee and the obvious and mandatory breaks and gossip in our small office balcony.

The initial few days working from home felt like the best thing ever that could happen, but then the reality sets in, the place that should be our solace, the safe space, our secret door for our imagination fondly known as ‘home’ has become another prison.

The only entertainment I am getting these days are virtual interaction with my friends and colleagues, Zoom meetings, composing these write-ups in the name of rants, creating Instagram captions, and the occasional very occasional reply to my WhatsApp texts, and I know I think I better shut up before, you guys can hunt me down or try to hunt me down! Oh, and please do me a favor, and please don’t roll your eyes!

One interesting thing I discovered during my 2 weeks and yet continuing work from the schedule is that I have been caught up socially! My social media apps tell me that I have caught up with all the daily activities with them! Also, a part of my job requires using YouTube, I know sounds classy and saucy but hey you are not in my shoes so ha! So yea, I have interestingly discovered various playlists on YT that help’s me with my boredom, although I didn’t realize that how much people spend their time on YT and that they take the pain to curate a playlist! Respect to another level! And why am I telling you this, ha wish I knew!

All things said we know how crazy the situation is getting out there. Things are never going to be the way we expect them to be please be extra careful and hyper-vigilant, that coffee can wait, that spending time together can wait because if you don’t take care of yourselves and your loved ones we may never get the chance to grab that coffee or laugh together high-fiving each other and until then let your social media apps tell you that you have caught up with today’s activities!

Stay safe and don’t you guys dare die on me! This is a purely selfish message because I don’t want my readership to go down you see… :P



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