Why… GOD…Why!???


Hey guys! What’s up! I know I disappear for some time after I write a blog and the reason behind it is that I need time to replenish myself to write. Because this platform has become my safe space and also because you guys are good listeners… No complaints and no demands!

Too much philosophy! let's skip to the good part, maybe!

I know everyone reading this has at the least encountered one person who spreads toxicity and that too, especially at the workplace!

For anyone and everyone reading this: Please note that this is my perception and understanding and it has got no validation apart from mine, and as far as I know I am no GOD! So consume this information at your risk.

Now I know that some of us are blessed with the best of the best co-workers who are also playing a major role in our personal life or maybe are getting into that space.

And then there are people who you just know.. 9 to 5 that is it! you do not want to know what the hell is happening in their personal life and you do not want to share about your professional and personal life! I am trying to talk about this kind of people!

Gosh! there is a 1000% possibility that even I might be that person to someone but till now no one has ever shown me or told me so or behaved with me like that so I think it is safe to assume that I am not that person.., but then we are not here to talk about me right!

Don't get me wrong I do not hold anything against people who are toxic but I have a problem with them when they try to create an imbalance in my space or life! Stay away from me! Is it too much to ask for?

I do not like interacting with them much because they not only spread toxicity but they also have a negative aura and it is just so uncomfortable to be around them and in the same vicinity!! And that negativity forces your brain not only to think about negative thoughts but also forces you to drown in your sorrow.

Everyone has their share of sorrows dude! no one can escape it, they can move on or try not to remember about it! And then there are these people who dare to question your decisions and life choice! WHY? What joy does it give you? I really want to know?

My question to them is -

Bro? Do you even know what the person has gone through before you dish out your opinion? like, do you even have the slightest inkling? then why do you think you have the right to pass a judgment or a suggestion of your own to them about what they should have done or should do?

Never give your opinions for free… have some respect and regard for yourself too!

And why? how is your passing a remark make anything in their life different from what they went through?

Okay, I know I sound rude but then there are other ways to show your love and support to a person! One of the most important ways you can help them is by listening to them! Why is listening so hard nowadays!

Keep your opinions to yourself and speak only when asked to.. is it too hard to understand? If you can't help them that is fine, but at least do not instigate them!

I think I have put my thoughts across! I can write an entire essay on this topic! But let’s not! I think I have already written more than I should have!

Also, Do you guys have any suggestions or maybe a guide or something that talks about how to run NORTH when you see a toxic person? :P



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