We are all familiar with the concept of the block that metaphorically happens in a “writer’s brain”. I think it has become a universal sign to mask the irritability of a writer.

Sounds so easy na.. it is just a confusing or a just the lack of processing a particular thread that you are trying to write or think…

Guess what! No it is no that easy!

Imagine this: You have an absolutely amazing idea going on in your head and you are trying very hard to do justice to your thoughts but you know even before you start writing that you are going to screw it up. The sheer frustration that it causes can only be felt and not expressed… Ironical I know but atleast that is what I feel.

Too many ideas, too many thoughts, too many characters and too freaking many scenarios, you are brining with ideas and you feel utterly helpless because you can’t freaking find words to write.

Am I even making any sense?

See.. exactly! You blabber!

Though this is mostly associated with people who write it isn’t limited to it you know.. you have a mind block in the middle of a fight with your partner, you totally have a mind block during an exam, you have it when it is your time to impress the heck out of the interviewer and you sadly watch it blowing up on your face!

You totally have a mind block when you are being brutally questioned by your parents ! Trust me pal it is everywhere but for some reason it is always that a writers faces this question.

And guess what I am writing about a Writer’s block because I am facing a writer’s block.. 😂

Jesus! Could anyone be more hypocrite than a writer..!

Let’s hope and pray that I come up with better ideas to write about and may the WRITER’S God/Goddess whoever they are may bless me with some divine energy before I scare my readers away with my Writer’s block!

Maybe a procrastinator..! maybe not!